• Class of 2018 completes Cadet Field Training

    The Class of 2018 officially brought an end Cadet Field Training, by completing the 7.15-mile Runback from Camp Buckner​ to West Point Monday. Members of the Class of 2018, upperclass cadets and academy leadership get refreshed by running through a drenching spray of water from the West Point Fire Department.

    More than 1,200 rising yearlings including staff, faculty and cadet cadre ran 7.15 miles from Camp Buckner to West Point Monday in completing four weeks of the second iteration of Cadet Field Training, where they zip-lined across Lake Popolopen, walked on steel balance beams, went through a gas chamber, learned land navigation and marksmanship at Camp Buckner and area ranges.

    After long days of training, the cadets had to ensure all their gear was collected and accounted for and ruck it to other ranges for training, some more than two miles away in the heat and humidity of the New York summers.

    CFT develops cadets into leaders rather than learning to follow orders and the basics of soldiering as seen in Cadet Basic Training. Read More


  • Women’s Softball All-Star Game Monday

    The MWR Sports Office will conduct the 3rd annual West Point Women’s Softball All-Star Game at 7 p.m. Monday at the H-Lot Softball Fields.

    West Point women may participate whether or not they played in the West Point Softball League.

    All players must have a military or DOD ID card.

    There needs to be at least 20 players to run the game.

    People may sign up by sending an email to or call 938-3066. Read More


  • Command Channel 8/23

    For the week of  July 30-Aug. 6

    Army Newswatch
    Thursday, Friday and Monday-Aug. 6
    8:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Read More


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