• Ultimate Classic

    A Winter Classic

    West Point team hosts inaugural collegiate tourney

    The West Point Ultimate team hosted its first collegiate tournament on the Anderson Rugby Complex fields Feb. 28-Sunday with six teams competing in the USA Ultimate-sanctioned event.

    The cadets entered the West Point Classic as the sixth seed and recorded three consecutive wins on the first day against Central Connecticut State (13-4), Wesleyan (11-10) and Wentworth Tech (11-5).

    They didn’t fare as well the following day, falling to Bates (8-13) and Central Connecticut State (8-11) to finish fourth. The team from Hamilton College posted the championship win after defeating Bates, 13-7, the same team they lost to a day earlier.

    Class of 2016 Cadet Nathaniel Pieringer, Ultimate Frisbee cadet-in-charge, said it was a promising start to their spring season. Read More


  • Pugilists thrill the crowd at Brigade Boxing Open

    Freshman Anders Freiberg, Company I-3, catches Co. E-1's sophomore Joe Broderick with a left hook to the face in the first round of their three-round, 156-pound title fight at the 2015 Brigade Boxing Open Feb. 28 in Eisenhower Hall. Despite getting caught with the hook, Broderick rebounded and took the victory in the 156-pound weight class. Photo by Eric S. Bartelt/PV

    BBO Results

    119 lbs.—Alan Alvarado (H-1) defeats Christian Rivera (E-3)

    125 lbs.—Tyler Payne (C-4) defeats Juan Ramirez (B-3)

    132 lbs.—Angel Reyes (B-3) defeats Jared Howell (A-3)

    139 lbs.—Juan Migel Archuleta (I-3) defeats Michael Garrett (F-3)

    142 lbs. (women)—Yomanda Martin (B-3) defeats Rita Wiley (F-2)

    147 lbs.—John Kroc (E-2) defeats M. “Shaggy” Nyamtaishir (H-2)

    156 lbs.—Joe Broderick (E-1) defeats Anders Freiberg (I-3)

    165 lbs.—William Estes (D-3) defeats Timothy Ford (C-1)

    175 lbs.—Christopher Bledsoe (E-3) defeats Derrick Wagoner (F-1)

    185 lbs.—Adam Kanavos (C-4) defeats Christopher Bingham (H-3)

    195 lbs.—Faaolataga “Cappy” Pulou (E-4) defeats Matthew Reyes (I-1)

    Heavyweight—Ryan Gibeley (B-1) defeats Matthew Whitcomb (I-4) Read More


  • Command Channel 8/23

    For the week of  Mar 5-12

    Army Newswatch
    Thursday, Friday and Monday-March 12
    8:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Read More


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