• In the field: Cadets continue to work their craft

    A U.S. Military Academy cadet from 3rd Company pulls security  in the woods around Camp Buckner as part of a Small Unit Leadership Development training exercise July 19. Photos by Sgt. Jonathan Monfiletto/138th MPAD

    Cadets hone skills in patrol exercise

    They may not have reached the objective, but they learned what they could do better next time and they honed their skills both as warriors and as leaders.

    That is what Cadet Sgt. Samuel Andersen, Cadet Pfc. Taylor Boylan and Cadet Pfc. Hyanghwa Kwak said after the three U.S. Military Academy cadets served as squad leader and two team leaders, respectively, during a patrolling exercise with five of their fellow 3rd Company cadets July 19.

    The exercise was part of Small Unit Leadership Development, a summer program that helps cadets heading into their sophomore year learn both Soldier and leadership skills.

    On July 19, the cadets spent the day going squad by squad on patrol through the woods of Camp Buckner in pursuit of an object before heading back to their patrol base. Read More


  • Fort Benning hosts Army Men’s Basketball team

    As fans of the Army Men’s Basketball program look forward to a highly-anticipated 2014-15 season at West Point, the cadets are in the midst of critical summer training that will prepare them for their military careers. Plebes have arrived at West Point and are experiencing the rigors of Cadet Basic Training, the yearlings are undergoing Cadet Field Training, while the cows and firsties are serving in active military units around the world.

    As part of the Cadet Leader Development System, the upperclass cadets are assigned to a number of different locations overseas or travel to an installation in the United States. One of those sites is Fort Benning, Georgia, a military post that has served as the home of the Infantry branch since 1918 and, more recently, housed The Maneuver Center of Excellence. Read More


  • Command Channel 8/23

    For the week of   July 24-31

    Army Newswatch
    Thursday, Friday and Monday through July 31st
    8:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Read More


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