• Class of 2018 takes on Zilinski Challenge

    As Class of 2018 cadets prepare this week for the academic year, the Pointer View takes a look back at their final few days of Cadet Basic Training. The new cadets were tested thoroughly at Camp Buckner during the Zilinski Challenge Sunday and then celebrated as a class Monday with an awards ceremony and talent show. Monday marked March Back, as the CBT cadre led the new cadets back to West Point on a 12.2 mile foot march. All that’s left is Acceptance Day Aug. 16 when the Class of 2018 is officially welcomed into the Corps of Cadets.

    Cadets honor life and legacy of a fallen warrior throughout Cadet Basic Training

    You almost have to wonder these days what new cadets consider to be “fun.” That was the word used many times by the Class of 2018 to describe the Zilinski Challenge at Camp Buckner Sunday.

    Squads were tested on physical strength and endurance throughout the challenge while graded on several soldier skills they’ve learned during Cadet Basic Training, like donning and sealing a protective mask, land navigation, assembling the radio and calling in for medical evacuation.

    Whenever it seemed like some squads were actually enjoying the experience too much, the cadre in charge of each site and those evaluating the performances would provide some stern reminders.

    “You have one minute to get off my beach, new cadets,” one cadre member shouted bluntly at the squad wading in a little too casually. Read More


  • Sports Office hosts Women’s All-Star Game

    The West Point Summer Softball League ended Aug. 6 at the MWR Softball Complex with a best-of-three championship series between the USMA Band Team and the Office of the Directorate of Intercollegiate Athletics Team #1.

    The Band defeated ODIA 1 twice, 13-6 and 12-4 to earn the championship trophy this season.

    On Aug. 5, the MWR Sports Office organized the 2nd annual West Point Women’s All-Star Game.

    In Game #1, the American League All Stars won 12-1, while the National League team earned a 11-3 win in the second contest.


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  • Command Channel 8/23

    For the week of  Aug 14-21

    Army Newswatch
    Thursday, Friday and Monday through Aug. 21
    8:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Read More


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