Reduction in civilian furlough days

By the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

August 8th, 2013 | News and Features

On Tuesday, the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, announced as a result of DOD’s efforts to identify savings and help from Congress that the total numbers of furlough days for DOD civilian employees is being reduced from 11 to six.
The memorandum signed by Secretary Hagel, issued the following guidance:
• DOD assumes that the majority of employees were furloughed one day per week beginning the week of July 8.
Therefore, this reduction in the number of furlough days will mean that most employees will have achieved six days (48 hours) of furloughs by Aug. 17.
All civilian employees, unless exempted from furloughs or governed by special rules, must complete six days of furloughs.
If they have not accomplished this by Aug. 17, they must do so in a timely manner and before the end of this fiscal year.
• Newly-hired civilian employees whose furlough period began after the week of July 8 must complete an equivalent of two furlough days per full pay period between the starting date for their furloughs and Aug. 17.