Class of 2020 to enter West Point

By West Point Media Relations

June 23rd, 2016 | News, News and Features

Almost 1,300 cadet candidates, including 282 women, 425 minorities, 15 international cadets and 13 combat veterans will report to West Point Monday, Reception Day, for the West Point Class of 2020.

The incoming class was selected from a pool of nearly 16,000 applicants. The women will comprise 22 percent of the class. Minority enrollment, roughly 33 percent, includes 180 African-Americans, 122 Asian-Americans; 123 Hispanic Americans and 14 Native Americans.

“The quality of the students entering West Point with the Class of 2020 is exceptional,” Col. Deborah McDonald, director of admissions, said.

“Their outstanding performance in academics, leadership, athletics and in the Army provides them the foundation for successful completion of the challenging 47-month West Point experience and for service to our nation as future commissioned leaders of character,” McDonald continued.

The Class of 2020 includes cadets from every state in the nation and 15 international cadets entering the class under the sponsorship of their respective countries.

During Reception Day, the new cadets begin the process of becoming West Point cadets and future U.S. Army officers. They undergo administrative processing, are fitted with their initial issue of military clothing, receive haircuts, medical and physical evaluations, and begin their first lessons in marching, military courtesy and discipline. As their first day ends, the Class of 2020 will stand before many of their parents and friends on the Plain to take the Oath of Allegiance from the U.S. Military Academy Commandant of Cadets, Brig. Gen. Diana M. Holland.

The Acceptance Day Parade for the Class of 2020 is scheduled for 10 a.m. Aug. 13.