Force Protection message during Thanksgiving weekend

By Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security’s Force Protection Office

November 17th, 2016 | News, News and Features

We all know that Thanksgiving Day begins the holiday season, but the day after the annual festive celebration is commonly referred to as “Black Friday” and for a good reason. It is the busiest of any day in the year for shopping, but also a time where you and your family can be most vulnerable.

Throughout this extended weekend, situational awareness is paramount and we encourage everyone to remain observant and aware of your surroundings regardless of where you may be whether staying home in New York, traveling across the country or shopping at the mall.

Throughout the holiday weekend, consider practicing a couple of simple, yet important measures that can keep you and/or your family members safe and secure during this Thanksgiving Day weekend:

• Coordinate shopping with friends or family members—there is safety in numbers.

• Park in a well-lit parking space and lock your vehicle, close the windows and hide shopping bags and gifts in the trunk. As you approach your vehicle after shopping, make sure to have your keys out and ready before you get to your vehicle. Scan the area and look inside before entering your vehicle.

• If you suspect suspicious activity near your vehicle, move away and seek assistance.

• If someone approaches your vehicle and you feel threatened, get in the vehicle, lock the doors and immediately drive away.

• Be alert in crowded places for pickpockets who favor revolving doors, jammed aisles, elevators, and public transportation stops and vehicles.

• As a reminder: All DOD personnel, whether on leave or TDY, must receive an Area of Responsibility brief if traveling outside the country. For additional information or assistance, contact the DPTMS AT/FP Office at 8859.

Vigilance and awareness are the key words to remember during this popular shopping weekend. Please remember to promptly report suspicious persons, vehicles and/or crimes to the local law enforcement agency if you are away from West Point. However, if you witness suspicious behavior or activity on the installation, report it to the West Point Military Police Desk at 845-938-3333.