From the Foxhole…Fordham’s Grad School of Education and DMI Strengthen Partnership

By Capt. John Goodwill Department of Military Instruction

January 10th, 2019 | News, News and Features
 Recently, the Dean of Fordham’s Graduate School of Education, Dr. Virginia Roach, visited the Department of Military Instruction to see her graduates training, educating and inspiring the U.S. Army’s next generation of combat leaders. From left to right are Dr. Anthony Cavanna (Fordham), Capt. Trey Miranne, Capt. Alexandra Lostetter, Capt. Jason Hong, Roach (Fordham), Capt. Jeremy Williams, Capt. Robert Davis, Capt. David Jacobs, Capt. Colin Brodmerkel, Capt. John Goodwill and Dr. John Craven (Fordham).                Courtesy Photo

Annually, U.S. Army officers are selected to serve as military science instructors in the Department of Military Instruction study at Fordham’s Graduate School of Education prior to their arrival at West Point. Recently, the Dean of Fordham’s Graduate School of Education, Dr. Virginia Roach, visited DMI to see her graduates training, educating and inspiring the Army’s next generation of combat leaders.
In 2016, DMI and Fordham’s GSE established a partnership that provided the opportunity for select DMI rotating faculty to attend classes at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus and earn a Master’s of Science in Education Degree in Curriculum and Teaching before instructing cadets in the classroom and training areas of West Point. While DMI is successful in hiring high-performing, rotating faculty fresh from the operational force with combat experience, the degree gained by Fordham’s partnership helps enable those officers to plan, deliver and assess effective instruction and training ultimately inspiring the future officers of our Army to combat success.
Army Capt. Colin Brodmerkel, a member of the first cohort of rotating faculty selected to earn the Fordham degree stated, “As a recent Fordham graduate, it was an honor to host Dr. Roach in my Military Science 200 classroom. The lessons I learned while attending Fordham’s GSE prepared me to design curriculum, deliver quality instruction and assess the proficiency of our cadets at West Point—a skill that I am grateful for.”
“Your graduates are committed to teaching excellence,” Col. William Ostlund, director of the Department of Military Instruction, stated to the Fordham visitors during a DMI overview brief. “Fordham is delivering what our department needs.”
Several current DMI faculty who have attended Fordham’s program have earned the Army Instructor Badge and are close to completing USMA’s Master Teacher Program, hosted by the Center for Teaching Excellence in Jefferson Hall.
Dr. John Craven, a professor in Fordham’s GSE who visited with Dr. Roach, said, “I’ve had the honor of working with two cohorts of DMI instructors enrolled in the MSE program…(the recent USMA visit) contextualized the significance of the role captains as instructional leaders serving to prepare future Army officers. For me, it is simultaneously humbling and inspiring to be reminded of the critical need to ensure that the USMA cadets receive the highest caliber, most effective and impactful instructional experience in their DMI coursework.”
The DMI students attending classes at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan support the strategic relationship to maintain military ties with New York City. The partnership between Fordham and DMI supports the readiness and lethality of our Army by ensuring thoughtful education, training and inspiration of our future Army officers—a relationship that is designed to ensure our Army wins the next major military conflict.