DES conducting random safety check points on West Point

Provided by the Directorate of Emergency Services

February 7th, 2019 | News, News and Features

As part of the Directorate of Emergency Services’ Safety Compliance Campaign, Military Police and firefighters will be conducting random courtesy safety checkpoints at various locations across West Point  from 3-5 p.m. March 4-5, this is the second iteration after Monday and Tuesday’s checkpoints.
These checkpoints are designed to identify any faulty safety equipment in personal vehicles. This will provide the West Point community with greater awareness of faulty safety equipment in preparation for long weekends and academy breaks.
At these checkpoints, MPs and firefighters will be asking drivers to assist as the courtesy inspections are conducted by quickly running through a short checklist.
Any faults found will be annotated on the checklist that will be provided to the driver.
The driver will then have 72 hours to correct any deficiencies before a ticket could be issued for the faulty equipment.
During the week, through Sunday, MP patrols will be focused on faulty safety equipment and will be issuing warnings.
From Monday through Feb. 15, the patrols will be issuing citations for any faulty safety equipment. Through Feb. 15, any drivers who wish to have their vehicles inspected can come by the PMO for a courtesy inspection too.
Again, these inspections are to help the community prepare for and assist in improving vehicle safety prior to traveling on long weeks and scheduled breaks.
To help you prepare for these inspections, our MPs and firefighters  will be checking:
• Brakes lights;
• Head and tail lights;
• License plates;
• Mirrors;
• Turn Signals;
• Hazard Lights;
• Windshield Wipers;
• Seat Belts;
• Back up lights;
• Windshield;
• Horn.