Class of 2019 determines its first unit of assignment, From the Foxhole

By the Department of Military Instruction

February 21st, 2019 | News
 Class of 2019 Cadet Elizabeth Challenger is excited after she got her top choice as one of 821 cadets who chose their posts on Post Night Feb. 6.

On Feb. 6, 821 cadets from the Class of 2019 participated in Post Night and selected their first Army unit of assignment. Like the Class of 2018, Post Night was conducted by branch as a “draft style” event, with cadets making their assignment selections based on their order of merit list ranking within their branch.
For those in attendance, Post Night was filled with anticipation and branch camaraderie, but it was particularly special for the cadets of the Class of 2019 because they were joined by members of the Class of 1969—their 50-year affiliates.
Beyond the excitement, there was a feeling of gravity and responsibility felt by each cadet throughout Post Night. This is because each of the assignments available during Post Night represented 40-plus Soldiers, America’s sons and daughters, that each of these cadets will lead as second lieutenants.
Since Branch Night, the Class of 2019 has taken this charge very seriously as it has gathered information about different unit types, missions and unit cultures to ensure their Post Night decision was well informed, and best suited to meet the needs of the Army.
With branches assigned and first units of assignment determined, the Class of 2019 cadets will spend their remaining few months at West Point seeking every opportunity to better prepare themselves for their commissioning and transition to the Operational Army.
DMI’s Branch Education and Mentorship Program will continue to facilitate cadet engagements with their individual mentors as each future second lieutenant knows what type of organization they will lead in a few short months.
Their future Soldiers deserve only the best leadership from the Class of 2019.