Cadet Club activities

March 21st, 2019 | In Focus, News
 Fencing: Army West Point Women’s Epee earned third place and the entire team finished fifth overall in a tournament March 2 in Madison, New Jersey. Nineteen teams participated most of which are Varsity D1 teams. Army West Point Women’s Fencing foiled Navy again earning its third “Star.” The team won best sportsman award and Class of 2019 Cadet Taylor Sharpsten won recognition as a scholar/athlete.
 Triathlon: The Army West Point Triathlon team traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona during spring break to conduct its annual training trip in preparation for the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals in April. In spite of unusually wet and cold weather, the cadets managed to conduct all of the critical training to get ready for nationals. The training was supervised by Head Coach Amy Maxwell, and made use of all of the available terrain in the Scottsdale area to include trail runs, flat and hilly rides and transition practices. Each cadet averaged between 200 and 300 miles of swimming, cycling and running during the week. The team completed a day-trip to Tucson to climb the iconic Mount Lemon. The climb consisted of more than 6,600 feet of elevation over the 30-mile ride uphill. The cadets also previewed and practiced on the Collegiate Nationals course in Tempe. Collegiate Nationals will be held in Tempe April 5 and 6.
 Women’s Team Handball: The Army Women’s Team Handball team traveled to the Philadelphia area March 2 where a new women’s handball team is starting to form. The PA Team Handball club hosted its first-ever match when they invited 10 members of Army West Point’s Women’s Team Handball to compete with them. Both teams were able to work on their fundamentals of flowing the ball around the defense to create openings and then attacking those openings. They also worked on coordinating the defense to cover the attackers. Several players worked on making successful attacking drives. West Point won the tightly contested match 23-18.
 Women’s Team Handball: The Army Women’s Team Handball team traveled to the Philadelphia area March 2. During the trip, the team visited the Battleship New Jersey.