Schrade performs with Big Yellow Band

Photo by Class of 2020 Cadet Laine Dunn

March 28th, 2019 | News, News and Features

Class of 2020 Cadet Courtney Schrade is the co-captain of the Spirit Band, and one of the stars of the Class of 2020 Russian major contingent.  Excited by the opportunity to study a strategically significant language while immersing herself in the culture of a partner state, Schrade is also taking advantage of what her Study Abroad site has to offer, continuing her own growth while also spreading American culture abroad. The Big Yellow Band, from Kiev, consists mostly of Ukrainian musicians, is an ensemble of both professional and amateur musicians, sharing an atmosphere which encourages a sense of inclusion and optimism. This jazz band has a classic jazz repertoire, combining high-quality execution and a selection of music familiar to a full range of ages and backgrounds. As a cadet studying Russian in the USMA DFL Semester Abroad Program, Schrade feels “it has been awesome to communicate through music when my words may fail me. Additionally, it is an awesome experience to have the opportunity to do what I love with other people who are passionate about jazz.” Schrade began her participation, including performances, with the ensemble almost as soon as she arrived in Kiev, and through her performances and interaction with the band members she continues to enrich her experience while expanding her representation of the U.S. Military Academy to a larger variety of audiences.