Emergency Preparedness assessments continue until full-scale event

By Luke Pagan DPTMS Antiterrorism Officer

April 11th, 2019 | News, News and Features

In today’s world, violence in locations once thought of as safe places—the workplace, on college campuses, military installations and in houses of worship—are more frequent and unpredictable. Yet, in the midst of such uncertainty and brutality, what you do—or fail to do—ahead of a violent act can mean the difference between walking away or being carried away. The choice and the responsibility are yours. Will you be a responder or a victim? Will you add strength to the community response, or will you be a spectator?
Since the beginning of April, West Point has been undergoing emergency preparedness assessments that include Random Antiterrorism Measure compliance surveys, a See-Something-Say-Something assessment and tests of the mass warning and notification system.
This exercise will culminate with a full-scale active shooter response event on April 24.
Worldwide, active shooter response exercises are becoming more commonplace, which is a good thing. However, without proper planning and full community engagement, these well-meaning exercises leave those intended to be safeguarded by the experience no better off—and possibly worse—than before.
If you see something, say something; don’t be complacent. Be proactive and report suspicious behavior. And should the unthinkable—like an active shooter incident—occur here, remember what to do: run, hide or fight. By committing to preparedness, we will make West Point a safer place.
West Point personnel are reminded that the effectiveness of our force protection program depends in large measure on the personal involvement of community members like you. Remain vigilant, maintain situational awareness and immediately report any suspicious activity that you may observe anywhere on West Point to the Provost Marshal’s Office at 938-3333.
For further information, contact the West Point Antiterrorism Office at 938-8859.
Always Remember: If You See Something, Hear Something, Say Something.