KACH updated parking plan

By Robert Lanier KACH PAO

May 16th, 2019 | News, News and Features

Keller Army Community Hospital currently has a new parking plan as of May 1. The plan is being updated due to the completion of the first phase of the hospital’s renovations, which allows the hospital to utilize the parking lot next to Keller’s ‘east pond.’
In the map, the “White” parking spots are for “patient parking only”; the “Green” parking spots are for “Keller staff” but can be utilized by patients; the “Blue” parking spots are for “handicap parking” with a valid handicap placard displayed.
All parking spots are painted in the corresponding colors and designated spots are identified with placards.
Parking will be enforced by Keller security and Garrison West Point Department of Emergency Services (MPs). Any parking violations will be issued by the MPs.
We appreciate your patience while we finalized this plan; and we believe we have found a solution that works best for our beneficiaries and the Keller staff.