Active Shooter “Stop the Bleed” Program begins at West Point : West Point is beginning a new initiative in support of the installation’s Emergency Management Program

By Keith T. Katz Safety and Occupational Health Office director

August 8th, 2019 | News, News and Features
 The Bleeding Control kits can be used in the event of an Active Shooter incident. The AED cabinets equipped with B-CON Kits are identified with a red “BLEEDING CONTROL KIT” decal.  Photo by johnny D. Nwankwo/West Point Safety Office

Active Shooter incidents have become all too common in our country and are now a large focus of West Point’s annual Full Scale Exercise program.
A presidential policy directive has directed the development of measures to increase the survival of active shooter incident victims.
A response to this call was developed in a series of joint DOJ/DOD conferences known as the Hartford Consensus.
The third Hartford Consensus focused on increasing the survivability of shooting victims at the scene of these shootings.
The solution is to begin training and equipping bystanders and minimally injured victims to provide buddy-aid and self-aid prior to the arrival of emergency medical first responders.
As a result, the West Point Fire Department is implementing an active shooter bleeding control training program by offering voluntary bleeding control classes from the Trauma Committee of the American College of Surgeons in conjunction with their routine CPR/AED classes, and employee first aid classes provided by the West Point Safety Office.
The Garrison and USMA are also resourcing a program to provide specialized bleeding control equipment throughout the installation in the form of B-CON Kits.
The recommendation of the Hartford Consensus is to place B-CON Kits in wall-mounted Automated External Defibrillator (AED) cabinets.
Presently, there are 96 wall-mounted AEDs located throughout West Point.  The Safety Office is placing two intermediate B-Con Kits in every AED cabinet, and larger kits next to AED cabinets containing five or eight intermediate B-CON Kits in high density population areas such as Eisenhower Hall and the Holleder Center.
The B-CON Kits contain specialized first aid supplies specifically designed to control bleeding. This includes the DOD Combat Application Tourniquet, an emergency trauma dressing, compressed gauze, two chest wound seals, patient exam gloves, trauma shears, a survival blanket and instructions in a red nylon carrying case.
These kits can be used in the event of an active shooter incident, or for any medical emergency when there is a need to control bleeding. The AED cabinets equipped with B-CON Kits are identified with a red “BLEEDING CONTROL KIT” decal.
West Point’s Military Police will also be equipped with a specialized Individual Patrol Officer’s B-CON Kit intended for law enforcement personnel.
This is a small kit intended to fit in a cargo pocket used for self-aid, or buddy aid of a fellow officer.
Military personnel already receive training in bleeding control in field units, and here at West Point as cadets.
The program is completely voluntary and civilian employees in buildings equipped with the new B-CON Kits are not required to participate in the voluntary training program or use the kits unless they wish to.
Training is provided by the Fire Department by contacting them at, or from the West Point Safety Office in employee first aid courses by calling 845-938-6130.