Duty status, leave during adverse weather situations

By the Civilian Personnel Advisory Council

December 19th, 2019 | News, News and Features

It is the policy of the U.S. Military Academy to remain open during adverse weather conditions and to continue full operations in support of the mission. When roads are closed or treacherous because of adverse weather, the garrison commander or his designee will provide further instruction.
Employees are encouraged to utilize the West Point Garrison homepage at https://www.westpoint.army.mil/, the West Point Garrison Facebook page at www.facebook.com/usagwestpoint or call 845-938-7000 for accurate and up to date official information regarding the status of West Point.
In addition, the following radio stations provide unofficial information at regular intervals on or about 5 a.m. when adverse weather conditions develop during non-working hours.
• WHUD 100.7  FM
• MIX        87.7 FM
• WSPK  104.7  FM
• WOLF    94.3  FM
• WXPK  107.1  FM
• FOX        96.7  FM
• WBPM    92.9  FM
• FOX     103.1 FM
• WPDH 101.5  FM
• WRRV   92.7 FM
• WRWD 107.3 FM
• WLNA  1420 AM
• WBNR 1260 AM
• WGNY 1220 AM
• WKIP 1460 AM
During adverse weather conditions, announcements will be made as follows:
• Code White
“West Point is Code White (All Day, Delayed Arrival or Early Departure).” This announcement means employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework.
• Code Red Until XX
“West Point is Code Red until XX (Delayed Arrival).” This announcement means employees will be granted excused absence (weather and safety leave) for up to the designated number of hours past the normal arrival time.
• Code Red All Day
“West Point is Code Red All Day.”  This means that emergency employees are expected to report for work on time. Non-emergency employees will be granted an excused absence (weather and safety leave).