Keller Corner: Update on Coronavirus:KACH Pharmacy provides in-car dispensing to its 1,000th patient

Story and photo by Robert Lanier KACH Public Affairs Officer

May 7th, 2020 | News, News and Features

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Keller Army Community Hospital Pharmacy was challenged to find new ways to provide medication and modify operations to provide prescriptions while facilitating social distancing. The solution has been to make “in-car dispensing” the preferred way for patients to receive their medications.
The Keller Pharmacy has provided in-car dispensing since March 27, and on April 21, the 1,000th beneficiary was served.
“We needed to come up with a plan to continue to provide services to our beneficiaries while maintaining ‘social distancing’ and protecting the health of our staff and beneficiaries,” said Maj Thomas Lehmann, chief of Pharmacy, Keller Army Community Hospital. “This was the best solution for both new prescriptions and refills.”
The in-car, drive-up delivery is done in two easy steps:
• Call the pharmacy prior to arriving. The pharmacy will prepare your medications to be ready when you arrive. Call 845-938-2271 / 6619 / 3812. The pharmacy staff will coordinate a time for you to come pick up your medication within about two hours.
• When you arrive at the pharmacy, pull in to one of the numbered pharmacy parking spaces—in the upper parking area, and call the pharmacy again to have a hospital representative bring your medications out to you.
Beneficiaries, or the representative, picking up medications must provide either a photocopy of their DOD ID card, or a high-quality photo (smart phone is acceptable) of the front and back of the beneficiary’s ID card.
Beneficiaries who are subject to restriction of movement (self-quarantine or self-isolation) can either coordinate through their chain-of-command for a representative to pick up their medication, or a beneficiary’s sponsor or representative can pick up their medication.
In addition to these services, beneficiaries —who reside on West Point—can receive over-the-counter “cold packs” if they are exhibiting cold symptoms.
“The Keller drive-up pharmacy service is a win-win for our patients and staff,” said Col. Brett H. Venable, commander, Keller Army Community Hospital. “This approach to pharmacy dispensing is clearly a best practice and we will continue to offer this service for the foreseeable future.”