“My West Point Experience” In her own words … by Deanna Edgar

June 19th, 2020 | In Focus, News

My name is Deanna Edgar and I grew up in the small town of Griswold, Connecticut. I’ve never been known to take the easy route. While my mother was sick and my older brother was immature throughout most of my high school career, I often found myself seeking refuge in my community.
In high school I had amazing role models and friends who took me in and showed me tremendous kindness. Their selflessness showed me the importance of success and motivated me to pay it forward. When I was 17, I joined the National Guard as an X-ray tech to pay for college and after three years I found myself applying to West Point.
What I thought graduating from West Point would mean to me when I got in has not changed significantly since I arrived in 2016—I wanted to be the best leader I could for my future Soldiers. As I continued through my service, I found my peers to be inspirational. Their dedication and commitment give me the willingness to continue serving and encouraged me to seek higher education.
As a cadet, I thrived because of the mentorship and leadership I was surrounded by. West Point, to me, is a community that is tight knit, an opportunity waiting to be taken, and an experience I have been privileged to be a part of.
As a cadet, I taught English in Thailand, learned mountaineer skills in Vermont, I toured Germany and Israel and studied in France for one semester.
Each of those opportunities has contributed to my success as a cadet, but more importantly they will pay dividends into my military career. I branched Military Intelligence with an Infantry branch detail, however I was awarded the Fulbright and Schwarzman Scholarship and will attain my master’s in international security policy/global affairs before attending IBOLC at Fort Benning. Thanks to my incredible community, I will continue to pay it forward and help create a more inclusive Army through embracing diversity.