July 23rd, 2020 | Community Leisure, MWR Blurbs

Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Virtual Workshop Series I: Developing Emotional Intelligence
The entire U.S. Military Academy team is encouraged to register for “Virtual Workshop Series I” being offered by the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity (ODIEO), during July and August. The first class launches at 1 p.m. today. The first workshop series will address a range of topics to include emotional intelligence, building resilience, navigating change and reframing conflict.
ODIEO, led by Terry Allbritton, its chief diversity officer, was established to be the focal point for West Point Diversity and Inclusion outreach initiatives, projects and plans.
“These types of training opportunities equip participants with the tools to create respectful and positive interactions in the workplace,” Allbritton said.
ODIEO identifies and advocates for diversity and inclusion training and awareness opportunities, as well as organizational training needs in diversity management and inclusiveness.
The upcoming training is being facilitated by Otto Kroeger Associates (OKA), a training, consulting and publishing firm. The firm has been changing the way people live and work through greater self-awareness and better self-management since 1977. OKA has developed a series of live, interactive workshops that are online, short in duration (1-2 hours), and require no pre-work. The following awareness and skill-building topics are perfect quick-hits for the virtual office or a dispersed team or workplace.
For more details, visit on each workshop and register to attend on Microsoft Teams. Register now as the capacity for each class is limited to 75 participants per session.