4th Class Sponsorship program

August 6th, 2020 | Articles, Community Leisure

The 4th Class Sponsorship program is an important aspect of Cadet Development. The program is designed to provide all 4th Class cadets mentorship during their first year at West Point and beyond. Sponsors are an important part of the Class of 2024’s journey and future commissioning as lieutenants in the U.S. Army. Currently, in the Academy Management System (AMS), there are only 56 sponsors signed up for the entire 1,232 cadets in the Class of 2024. AMS 4CL Sponsorship will close Aug. 14, to allow cadets to sign up, so please sign-up prior to Aug. 14.
The 4th Class Sponsorship Program is intended to offer staff and faculty and other qualified individuals the opportunity to mentor 4th Class cadets on a more permanent basis during their time at West Point. Please consider the tremendous positive influence you and your family can have in the development of these young cadets.
Warrant officers, officers (captains and above), NCOs (sergeant first class and above), com-petitive team coaches, Title 10 civilians and DA civilians (GS-9 and above) are permitted to participate in the 4th Class Sponsorship Program.  The 4th Class Sponsorship Program Handbook is being updated due to COVID-19. USCC and BTD will provide updated information on the AMS website and through emails. Sign-up opened July 24 and can be found at https://apps.westpoint.edu/ams/main.cfm through AMS. If you are unable to access this website, contact Capt. Julia Means, H-2 Company TAC officer, at (706) 304-5814 or Capt. Jonathan Craig, A-2 Company TAC officer, at 938-2725.