September 10th, 2020 | Community Leisure, MWR Blurbs

2020 Staff & Faculty Noontime Ultimate Frisbee open play sign-ups
The MWR Sports Office has been approved to conduct the 2020 Staff & Faculty Noontime Ultimate Frisbee open play competition.
All games will be played at River Courts only. Play will start on Sept. 28. Deadline for team entries will be Sept. 22.
Open play will be open to all active duty personnel and DOD civilians only.
Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, all participants must wear gloves and masks and teams must supply their own Frisbees. Teams will play 5-on-5, with a roster limit of 10 players per team. Although it can be a different 10 per day. Teams subs must be on opposite sides of field.
Department and/or units may put in multiple teams if there is enough interest.
All individuals interested in playing or need more details, contact James McGuinness, MWR Sports Office, at 845-938-3066 or email james.p.mcguinness.naf@mail.mil.