• DPE presents Hal Moore Warrior Athlete of Excellence Award

    Class of 2018 Cadets Raaqim Rispress and Sydney Dewees were honored for their dedication to mental toughness, perseverance, winning spirit and humility, the tenets of the warrior ethos in the Department of Physical Education boxing and combatives programs and the values Lt. Gen. Hal Moore exemplified throughout his life during the sixth annual Lt. Gen Harold “Hal” G. Moore Warrior Athlete of Excellence Award Nov. 8.

    Rispress is a flanker on the Army Men’s Rugby team. The Columbia, South Carolina native and mechanical engineering major has an extreme work ethic according to his instructors and received excellent grades in military movement and combativeness and wears the physical education patch.

    For a cadet to earn the right to wear the Army Physical Fitness Badge, a cadet must achieve a 270 in Army Physical Fitness Test and earn 90 or more on each event of the APFT—push-ups, sit-ups and two-mile run. Read More

  • Coming Next Week: Company A-3 takes Brigade Soccer title

    Company A-3 defeated Company I-2, 6-1, to win the Company Athletics Brigade Soccer Finals Monday at Daly Field. See the next Pointer View edition for Brigade Final results for basketball, flag football, functional fitness and submission grappling. Read More

  • West Point recognizes WWII veteran at Army Football game

    Retired Col. Orville Roy Hughes, 96, a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam was recognized at the Army-Duke Football game on Veterans Day Nov. 11. Hughes served for 27 years in the Army before retiring in 1969, earning a Purple Heart in WWII and a Silver Star in Korea and serving as an attaché in the embassies of Austria and Vienna.

    Hughes, who said he loves Army Football, enjoyed braving the November chill with his family to watch the game with his son, Stephen Hughes, U.S. Military Academy Class of 1974, and his grandson, Maj. David Hughes, USMA Class of 2001 and assistant professor in the Department of Systems Engineering.

    “I often thought I influenced my son and grandson to become career officers but I didn’t take it upon myself to encourage them,” Hughes said. Read More

  • Poster Launch on West Point graduate World War II heroes

    “Much of the history we teach at the United States Military Academy was made by the people we taught” has been the slogan of the West Point Department of History for years. It acknowledges the important role our Academy graduates have played in the history of the United States, and the world, since 1802.

    The History Department is honored to teach every single graduate of West Point during their cadet experience. Members of the Long Gray Line have always stood, and will continue to stand, ready to fight and win our nation’s wars, committed to the ideals of Duty, Honor, and Country.

    This year, the Department of History is beginning a multi-year campaign to update its iconic, “Much of the history we teach” poster by releasing several conflict-themed posters. Read More

  • World Renowned War Theorist headlines Ethics of War Conference

    Pre-eminent philosopher and authority on Just War Theory, Michael Walzer, was the featured guest at the fourth annual Ethics of War and Peace Conference, Oct. 26-28, hosted by the Department of English and Philosophy in collaboration with Villanova University.

    Walzer’s attendance underscored the conference theme: “Revisiting Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars, 40 years On.” His book, “Just and Unjust Wars,” has been the primary text for cadets enrolled in PY201: Philosophy and Ethical Reasoning since 1978.

    His second time attending the conference, Walzer addressed attendees to close out the event.

    “I am proud to be a citizen of a country that has a military willing to have these important conversations,” he said. “The construction of social good begins at home. It is a reflection of ‘our’ views and ‘our’ culture.”

    Col. Read More

  • MWI event reflects on the rapid rise of China in the world

    According to Dr. Graham Allison, the most significant world event of the last several decades was not 9/11 or the collapse of the Soviet Union, it’s been the rapid rise of China. Allison spoke to cadets in a packed Robinson Auditorium during a Modern War Institute Speaker Series forum Nov. 2, co-sponsored by the Department of Social Sciences.

    “Never before has a country risen so fast, so far, and in so many different dimensions as China,” he said.

    In Allison’s new book, “Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’ Trap?,” he lays out the case for why war with China is not inevitable, but if one examines historical cases where a rising major power eclipses a ruling power, in 12 out of 16 cases there is conflict. Read More

  • 2017-18 cadet club activities

    Equestrian: The Army West Point Equestrian team had a strong showing at its third IHSA horseshow of the season Nov. 5 at the Crosswinds Equestrian Center in Lagrangeville, New York. The team competed against 10 highly competitive colleges in the Northeast region. With five top-three finishes in multiple categories of competition, the team represented the Academy well.

    Some of the most notable placings at the competition were team captain Class of 2019 Cadet Matilda Brady who placed second in her Novice Fences class, qualifying her for the Zone 3 Regional 3 Championship in both Novice Flat and Novice Fences. Brady will now move up a division and compete in Intermediate Flat and Fences.

    Class of 2021 Cadet Madyson Paul won first place in her walk-trot-canter class, earning enough points to move into advanced walk-trot-canter at the next show. Read More

  • Cadets, faculty present at AICHE conference

    Eight cadets and four faculty members from the Department of Chemistry and Life Science presented their research on various chemical engineering topics at the annual American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AICHE) 2017 conference Oct. 28-30 in Minneapolis. (Above) Class of 2018 Cadets Dan Rabbia, Hugh Mahr and Madison Turner presented a poster on platinum nanotube/carbon composites for fuel cells. Class of 2018 Cadet Dennis Gilinski and Class of 2019 Cadets Jesse Hudgins and Evan Ousley presented a poster on the science, design and optimization of beer brewing. Class of 2020 Cadet Jenny Wang presented a poster on the self-assembly of graphene/platinum nanotube electrodes for electrocatalysis. Class of 2020 Cadet Dade Mortimer presented a poster on the self-assembly of polymer/carbon nanotube/platinum nanotube composites for energy storage. Read More

  • Mad Money at West Point

  • Hospital modernzation project update from KACH

    The Multi-Departmental Hospital Modernization Project at Keller Army Community Hospital, which began with a wall-breaking ceremony in March 2016, continues to work toward accommodating the facilities mission and meeting the ongoing healthcare needs of the beneficiary population.

    Upcoming traffic pattern changes and/or clinic/department moves include:

    • Nov. 6, 2017—The Oral Surgery Clinic and General Surgery Department moved to their permanent location—across from their current location—on the first floor of Keller’s main building.

    • Nov. 6, 2017—The Immunization Clinic temporarily re-located to an area across from their current location (Room 1F30) on the first floor of Keller’s main building.

    • January 2018 (scheduled)—The front entrance to Keller’s main building will be closed due to construction. During this time, the primary entrance—for beneficiary appointments —will be the Brian D. Read More

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