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  • Academy twins: Army-Navy Game fuels sibling rivalry

    By Jorge Garcia
    PV Staff Writer

    Class of 2024 Cadet David Esqueda has many fond memories growing up with his twin brother, Class of 2024 Midshipman Eric Esqueda. Such memories of sitting together with his family as a young boy to watch the Army-Navy Game or attending the same school and classes with Eric growing up. But now, all of that is pushed to the wayside as the Army-Navy Game steadily approaches — fanning the flames for the sibling rivalry taking place 256 miles between the twins.
    Brothers become competitors — steel sharpens steel — as they serve in their respective academies, the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy.
    “My grandpa was in the Navy, my dad was in the Navy, my uncle was in the Navy and then my older brother Adam — he just graduated out of the Naval Academy so (Eric) felt like the Naval Academy was the best route to take because he always wanted to be a Marine Corps Officer,” David said. Read More

  • Class of 2021 cadets receive results, engage in revelry

    Story and photo by Jorge Garcia
    PV Staff Writer

    After enduring a three-and-a-half year academic journey, coupled with military training, Branch Night finally came and the Class of 2021 Cadets celebrated with thunderous revelry after getting one step closer to joining the Army on Dec. 2 in Washington Hall.
    Brig. Gen. Curtis A. Buzzard,  Commandant of the U.S. Corps of Cadets, took to the podium and praised the Class of 2021 for coming this far in their journey at West Point.
    “Just a couple of quick highlights about the branching process,” Buzzard said. “80% of you received your first choice, and 96% of you received one of your top three choices.”
    Cadets responded with a wave of euphoria as cheering and applause resonated throughout the mess hall. Read More

  • Army-Navy Game force protection awareness for Saturday

    By Ricky A. Calderon
    DPTMS Force Protection Officer

    In order to protect West Point residents, Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipmen during the Army-Navy Game, no general public access is allowed. The following force protection measures and restrictions will be in effect:
    All of West Point’s access control points will be closed from approximately 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday. During that time, employees who require access to the installation for work purposes must provide Kevin Goodwin ( a roster with the individual(s) name, duty position and duty location.
    Non-CAC employees must provide a valid Local Access Credential and COVID-19 screening form before gaining access to West Point.
    Residents who depart the installation after the closure time will not be allowed to re-enter. Read More

  • Human resources agency adapts to pandemic to hire, support Army civilians

    By Devon Suits
    Army News Service

    WASHINGTON—The safety and well-being of Army personnel is a top priority for the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), as it continues to find new ways to acquire, develop, employ and retain diverse talent amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Hiring and HR personnel have collaboratively developed and executed innovative processes this year that will forever influence future civilian recruitment and hiring, said Carol Burton, the agency’s director.
    Since March, civilian recruitment operations have been able to hire approximately 21,000 new Department of Defense and Army civilian employees during the pandemic.
    “We have onboarded between 1,000 to 1,300 new civilians each pay period, or every two weeks,” she said.
    CHRA manages all aspects of the human resources lifecycle for close to 330,000 DOD and Army civilians worldwide, she said. Read More

  • Army-Navy Game uniform conjures up memories for Cadet McKenzie

    By Jorge Garcia
    PV Staff Writer

    This year’s Army-Navy Game reveal of the “Tropic Lightning” uniform triggered feelings of dignity, joy and excitement as Class of 2022 Cadet Randy McKenzie marveled at the simplistic yet effective design choice unveiled by the Army West Point football team in honor of America’s Pacific Division, on Sunday.
    “The main thing I noticed is what we (at the 25th Infantry Division) call the lightning strawberry,” McKenzie said of the 2020 Army-Navy game uniform.
    McKenzie explained how the symbol reminded him of his past experiences when he served nearly two years as a cannon crew member (13 Bravo) at the 25th ID at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii prior to becoming a cadet at West Point.
    McKenzie remembered, when he was private at the 25th ID, his platoon leader at the time, Capt. Read More

  • One Stop Shop: Consolidating in/outprocessing to Bldg. 626

    Cadets and faculty will now visit Building 626 for in/outprocessing that houses G1, HHC, CPAC (civilian personnel), AMPO (military pay), G-8 (budget, travel), Transportation and SJA, which is located on the second floor. When entering the main door, turn to your right and down the hall. The first offices to the right are HHC (reception, first sergeant and commander); then when you move into the large open space that now belongs to the G-1 (formerly was LRC transportation). The LRC transportation staff has shifted back to the northwest  corner of Building 626. Read More

  • Holiday stress and the Coronavirus pandemic

    By Catherine Little
    Directorate of Morale, Welfare and Recreation

    The holiday season is a joyful yet stressful time of the year for a number of families. This holiday season, the normal stress of the holidays is coupled with the fatigue of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
    If you, like many of us, are unable to travel to spend time with families and friends this holiday season, think of fun and positive ways to include yourself in family gatherings through virtual means.
    Hold a family ugly sweater contest for Christmas and post for all to see. Also, what about the sharing of cooking contests such as best casserole, most delicious looking cakes/pies, recipes that will capture the heart and stomach of all your families and friends. Read More

  • MP Company helps Cadet Capstone Project focused on drones flying near cannons

    By Katie Fraine
    Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

    Cade majors in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department at the U.S. Military Academy are being challenged to solve problems beyond the simple ones they come across in their textbooks. The capstone experience presents cadets with real-world problems that could impact how the Army fights and wins in the future.
    The specific project the CME cadets tackled  is supported by Army Futures Command, U.S. Combat Capabilities Development Center Armaments Center (CCDC AC) at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. The purpose of the project is to design a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) that can fly near friendly tanks to help them with targeting.
    The cadets are responsible for designing, building and testing the drone, a housing on the tank where the drone will land and takeoff, as well the communications between the drone and the tank. Read More

  • West Point honors Native American Indian heritage with virtual observance

    Story and photos by Eric S. Bartelt
    PV Managing Editor

    The West Point Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity hosted a National American Indian Heritage Month virtual observance Nov. 19 to recognize American Indians for their respect for natural resources and the Earth, and for their many distinct and important contributions to the United States.
    The observance has been recognized in the month of November since 1990 through Public Law 101-343, and it allows Americans a chance to honor and celebrate the role the American Indian culture has played in American society, government, industry and the military.
    This year’s virtual observance guest speakers were Dr. Sara Jager, chief medical officer at a Navajo National tribal hospital in Tuba City, Arizona, and U.S. Read More

  • The Power of Awareness, the Strength to Lead the Future: Willink lectures cadets through virtual interview

    Story and photo by Jorge Garcia
    PV Staff Writer

    How do a leaders know when they’ve made the right choice before the results prove them right? What does it take to effectively lead Soldiers, or to make a decision you know is right even when detractors say otherwise? For cadets at the U.S. Military Academy, these are questions that typically arise as the years go by and as cadets steadily reach the end of their tenure at the academy and prepare for big Army.
    Luckily for these cadets, experienced leader, retired Navy SEAL officer and author of the New York Times bestseller, “Extreme Ownership,” Jocko Willink sat down for a virtual Microsoft TEAMS interview with the Director of the Modern War Institute, Col. Read More

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