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  • SANDHURST 2019: ‘This is the top moment of my cadet career’ USMA Black claims second Sandhurst title in three years

    As soon as the second-place team was announced, USMA Black knew they had won.
    Score updates throughout the two days (April 12-13) of the 51st annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition kept them on edge as they bounced in and out of first. Sometimes, they’d hear they were atop the leaderboard. Other times, their family and friends who had gathered to cheer them on would spur them ahead with the news they had fallen into second or even third place.
    But following two days, more than 27 miles of rigorous rucking and 13 obstacles including physical fitness, marksmanship and land navigation challenges, USMA Black stood above the competition.
    “We were in a lot of anticipation this year because this was the first year where throughout the day, almost on the hour, they would post updated rankings,” Class of 2020 Cadet Kevin Shinnick, USMA Black squad leader, said. Read More

  • USMA Black wins Sandhurst; SANDHURST 2019

    Forty-nine teams representing four U.S. service academies, 13 international military academies and 16 ROTC programs competed in the annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at the U.S. Military Academy.
    Along with the foreign teams representing allied military academies from throughout the world, three international cadets enrolled at West Point competed on academy teams during the two-day competition. The competition consisted of 30 miles of challenging endurance tests for the 11-person teams.
    “It’s a huge honor for me, honestly, being able to represent my company, my country and the academy and I’m really excited to compete in this competition,” Class of 2020 Cadet Wei Kang Soon, who will serve in the Singapore Armed Forces, said. “It really pushes us to our limits and challenges us to do the best you can.”
    Soon is the first cadet from his home country to be enrolled in the academy since 2012. Read More

  • WPNP hosts workshop to develop key negotiation skills

    Whether it is working to find solutions to problems within a team or finding common ground with an adversary, the ability to negotiate is a key part of being a leader.
    Leadership requires those in power to do more than simply exert the power of their rank and position to get their way. They must build relationships, find compromises and work with people of varying backgrounds to accomplish the mission before them.
    As they prepare to begin their careers as military leaders, cadets and midshipmen from 15 service academies and ROTC programs on the east coast worked to develop key negotiation skills to help them be better leaders during the West Point Negotiation Project’s 10th annual workshop April 10-11.
    The two-day workshop brought together 100 future military leaders. Read More

  • ISC brings together leaders from countries competing at Sandhurst

    The annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition may be about besting your opponent in the field, but in the days leading up to the competition, the focus was on building partnerships among allies from throughout the world.
    This year, cadets from 13 international military academies took part in Sandhurst, including first-time competitors from the Royal Danish Military Academy and the Hellenic Military Academy in Greece.
    The international cadets spent the entire week leading up to the competition at the U.S. Military Academy to build partnerships and foster relationships among future leaders from throughout an ever more interconnected world.
    While in years past the focus has been almost exclusively on building partnerships between the cadets, this year the inaugural International Superintendents Conference was held in conjunction with the competition. Read More

  • Sandhurst competitors come together at West Point: MWI hosts fourth annual Sandhurst Conference

    Hundreds of U.S. and foreign military academy cadets gathered together Monday for the Modern War Institute’s USMA Class of 1999 Sandhurst Conference.
    This year’s conference was led by three guest speakers and included five break-out sessions, each focused on a specific area of leadership development and led by subject matter experts, said MWI executive officer Maj. Jake Miraldi, who organized the conference.
    The conference is designed to test the mental agility of each cadet and serve as the intellectual counterpart to West Point’s 51st Sandhurst Military Skills Competition, he said.
    Sandhurst, a premier international military academy competition that began in 1967, is a two-day, approximately 30-mile course filled with individual- and squad-based events designed to promote military excellence of future leaders across the world and will take place Friday and Saturday. Read More

  • This year’s Sandhurst adds more wrinkles, stress

    Friday, just as the sun finishes rising on the horizon, the first four of 49 teams will set off in the 51st annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition.
    The teams have traveled from far and wide, including crossing the globe from Australia, to put themselves to the ultimate test. Laden with packs weighing in excess of 40 pounds, the nine-member teams, including two alternates, will push themselves to the limit as they navigate from obstacle to obstacle throughout the two-day competition.
    Unlike past years when teams were at the minimum given a map to their first few challenges, this year they won’t be told their next destination until they have finished the challenge at their current one.
    With more than one route, teams unsure of where to go won’t even be able to try and follow teams ahead of them. Read More

  • Tronsrue Marksmanship Center now open to authorized users

    U.S. Military Academy staff and faculty looking for an indoor range to shoot firearms now have a place on post.
    Since the beginning of March, Tronsrue Marksmanship Center, which is located next to Gillis Fieldhouse, is open to authorized users, which include current and former military service members and DOD ID card holders. The center has three ranges including a small-bore range, an air range and large-bore range. The small-bore range is exclusively designed for three position Olympic style shooting whereas everything from pistols to long guns can be shot on the large-bore range.
    Opening the center to the public was possible following upgrades to all three ranges including new HVAC systems, painted floors and electronic targeting systems that enable shooters to customize their shooting experience. Read More

  • Cadet Club activities

    Glee: On April 1-2, 25 members of the Glee Club traveled to Washington D.C. to support the funeral of Fredrick V. Malek, USMA Class of 1959. At the funeral, the Club represented West Point with professionalism before a highly distinguished group. At the reception in the historic Anderson House on Embassy Row, the Club performed from a majestic staircase and then mingled with guests of the Malek family. Read More

  • West Point Spring Yard Sale

    WEST POINT, N.Y.—The West Point community will hold its annual spring yard sale from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.
    Shoppers from neighboring communities are welcome to visit the yard sale throughout the designated housing areas on post.
    While visitors are welcome, only military residents are permitted to offer items for sale.
    Attendees should enter through Thayer or Stony Lonesome gates.
    Proper identification is required upon entering academy grounds and all vehicles are subject to search.
    Visitors are reminded that all housing areas enforce a 10 mph speed limit—please drive safely.
    There is no rain date scheduled. Read More

  • Working toward cleaning up housing issues

    Colonel Cecil Marson, West Point Garrison commander, is fully aware of the stakes at hand. When it comes to the housing at West Point and the more than 700 occupied residences, it is his job to make sure the families are living in safe, clean and habitable homes.
    “At the end of the day, if there are any questions about where the buck stops on housing, it is me,” Marson said during a town hall in February. “I know I will be judged on my tenure here at West Point on how I fix your housing issues. It is pretty simple to me. I have to figure it out, and I have to get it fixed.”
    In the past month, the Garrison has hosted multiple town halls, leadership has stepped foot in every home on post, including some visits by Marson and Lt. Read More

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