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  • Freedom March : “Freedom is Not Free,” Class of 2023 makes mark for future

    Freedom is not Free.
    This phrase is especially true at the U.S. Military Academy, which has trained officers to lead America’s Soldiers into combat since 1802. In Cullum Hall, brass placards line the walls listing the names of the men and women of the Long Gray Line who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending the freedoms upon which the country is built.
    As they prepare to begin their own time at West Point and set forth on a path that will inevitably lead to the battlefield, the members of the Class of 2023 have taken the weight of that history and the legacy of sacrifice upon their shoulders and offered to carry it.
    During a ceremony Sunday evening during their last night at Camp Buckner for Cadet Basic Training, Freedom is not Free was unveiled as the motto for the Class of 2023. Read More

  • How USMA Class of 2023 slayed the Beast

    As summer winds down in the Hudson Valley, 1,187 new cadets at the U.S. Military Academy completed the 12-mile March Back Monday, the culminating event of Cadet Basic Training.
    “The discipline new cadets learned from first detail CBT prepared them to listen to the non-commissioned officers, enlisted Soldiers and officers of the task force (during realistic and challenging field training),” Class of 2021 Cadet Alex Contreras, CBT cadet first sergeant, said.
    Throughout the summer, new cadets were immersed in the history, traditions and culture of West Point and the Army. New cadets trained on the foundational military competencies of shoot, move, communicate, treat and lead.
    “We empowered our platoon leaders, platoon sergeants and squad leaders to train and develop their new cadets with our guidance,” Class of 2020 Cadet Cosme Lopez, India Company commander, said. Read More

  • Cadets, Midshipmen exchange leadership skills in Malaysia

    While some college students enjoyed their summer break by taking vacations, students from the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy and U.S. Naval Academy traveled to Malaysia for a student leadership exchange at the National Defense University-Malaysia from July 20-28.
    For the first time in history, the NDUM Centre for Leadership and Professional Development hosted six cadets and midshipmen from three U.S. service academies during the exchange.
    “This trip has made me understand how to interact with people that don’t come from the same background as me or speak a different language,” West Point Class of 2021 Cadet Cassidy Braggs said.
    U.S. cadets and midshipmen were partnered with a Malaysian cadet during the one-week exchange to immerse them into the Malaysian culture and give them first-hand experience of what it is like to be a cadet attending NDUM. Read More

  • Hacking for Defense: Finding solutions to DOD cyber issues

    For two weeks it was pedal to the metal. Given a problem on day one, 35 cadets divided into seven teams were given 10 days to network with industry experts, fully define the problem they’d been assigned and develop a viable solution.
    The course, called Hacking for Defense, was taught at the U.S. Military Academy for the first time from July 29 through Friday. Hacking for Defense is a graduate-level course currently taught at 22 universities throughout the country. During the course, students learn problem-solving skills while working to find solutions to Department of Defense problems.
    The West Point course includes seven teams, each including four West Point cadets and one ROTC cadet. The goal was to build teams with cadets from various different academic fields and leverage their differing backgrounds to solve real-world problems. Read More

  • “Jack-of-all-trades” cadet hones leadership skills at CBT II

    With the first three weeks of training completed, the leadership for Cadet Basic Training at the U.S. Military Academy underwent a change July 21 during New Cadet Visitation Day.
    Class of 2020 Cadet Dion Perinon is now in charge and as the regimental commander for CBT II he is tasked with leading the new cadets through the second half of training. A self-described “jack-of-all-trades,” Perinon decided to attend West Point and pursue an Army career with the goal of becoming as well-rounded a person as possible especially after seeing the impact it had on his father, who is currently a Chief Warrant Officer 4.
    “My dad was an island man,” he said. “He had dreadlocks. He raised chickens for a living. Read More

  • USMAPS honors fallen grad, USMA 2020 cadet

    When the men and women of the Cadet Candidate Basic Training Battalion reported for duty at the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School on July 15, they were unaware of the noble task they would soon be given. In addition to receiving military instruction in the areas of marksmanship, land navigation, medical readiness training and more, the cadet candidates will work relentlessly to honor Cadet CJ Morgan.
    Class of 2020 Cadet CJ Morgan passed away on June 6 after a vehicle rollover during Cadet Leader Development Training.
    Morgan began his West Point career at USMAPS as a recruited wrestler in July 2015 when he was assigned to Charlie Company. Morgan’s team, Army West Point Wrestling, is a group of individuals specifically known for their unparalleled levels of determination and grit. Read More

  • CFT Balancing act: Phillips thrives in environment she once had no plans to enter

    The military is a family tradition for Class of 2020 Cadet Eden-Elizabeth Phillips, but even in a family defined by service to country she found a way to blaze her own path.
    Her grandfather, dad and brother all attended the Virginia Military Institute. She wanted no part of that life at first, but after seeing the impact just a year at VMI had on her brother, Phillips began to rethink her objections and decided to follow a similar path by attending the U.S. Military Academy.
    “Seeing him come back just more mature and proud to be a part of something bigger than himself, I wanted something like that as well,” Phillips said.
    With three years of her West Point journey completed, Phillips has not just fully embraced, but thrived in an environment she originally had no plans to enter. Read More

  • Zeroing in on Target: Rising Yearlings ramping up CFT training

    A Class of 2022 cadet in 5th Company goes through Introduction to Patrolling prior to his field training exercise during Cadet Field Training July 12. Read More

  • Summer Task Force brings experience, power to CALFEX

    Cresting Cranberry Hill would have been a dangerous venture midway through June this year. Direct and indirect fires crescendoed at the base of the well-known West Point land mass before an audience of West Point cadets at an observation point. The second annual Cadet Summer Training Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) displayed not only the capabilities of multiple air and ground assets—but also ability to synchronize across branches and services.
    The task of conducting a CALFEX is an arduous and meticulous task. Coordination usually occurs at high echelons, between branches and services by multiple military occupation specialties. The coordination for this year’s CALFEX occurred between empowered leaders of two elements—West Point and Task Force 1-28 Infantry.
    Task Force 1-28 brings a lot of combat power to bear. Read More

  • Facing fears, pain in the House of Tears

    The first group of Class of 2023 new cadets experienced the gas chamber during Cadet Basic Training Tuesday. While in the chamber, new cadets are subjected to CS Gas to teach them how to properly seal their protective masks and to trust the equipment. Read More

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