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  • Commemorating D-Day, honoring Gavin

    From left to right: Howard Hohlfeld, 82nd Airborne Division Association Walter E. Hughes Tri State Chapter treasurer; 1st Lt. Alyssa Valdez, MP Honor Guard; and retired Lt. Col. David Jones, West Point representative, salute at the gravesite of Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin, U.S. Military Academy Class of 1929, during the D-Day commemoration/Gavin Ceremony June 6.  Members of the New York City Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division, the Walter  E. Hughes Chapter, the 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc., and members of the West Point community and members of the Gavin family were present at the annual memorial and wreath-laying ceremony at the Old Cadet Chapel and Gavin gravesite at the West Point Cemetery. Gavin led his troopers in the Airborne mission on D-Day as they landed in Normandy, France. Read More

  • Buddie’s TEAM: Buddie officially introduced as athletics director

    After a phone call about the opening, Mike Buddie was interested in the athletics director job at the U.S. Military Academy, but after a weekend spent researching the academy he was determined to be the one selected for the job.
    Buddie, who served as the athletics director at Furman University since 2015, was officially announced as the new head of the Army West Point athletics department May 31. He replaces Boo Corrigan who announced in January he  accepted the same position at North Carolina State.
    “I started doing my research and checking boxes and every box I was checking quickly,” Buddie said. “One of the biggest things for me is I want to be associated with institutions that have great identity and know what they are. Read More

  • SO FREEDOM WILL REIGN: Class of 2019 Graduation, Class dismissed, next stop Army career

    Upon the order of “dismissed” from First Captain David Bindon, the cadets in the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2019 tossed their hats into the air, casting them aside as they began the next phase of their lives.
    The white hats, gray uniforms and white pants are officially a thing of the past as the class leaves West Point behind to begin their careers as officers in the Army. Their cadet rank has been replaced by the bars of a second lieutenant and they will set forth to lead Soldiers throughout the world.
    “America’s parents have given you our most precious possession, our sons and daughters, and they ask of you only one thing—lead them well,” Vice President Mike Pence, who served as the commencement speaker, said. Read More

  • IN FOCUS: USMA Alumni Ceremonies-Distinguished Grads get day in sun, honored at alumni ceremony

    The West Point Association of Graduates honored the 2019 recipients of the Distinguished Graduates Award Tuesday.
    The award has been given annually since 1992 and honors graduates for their accomplishments and service to the greater good while upholding the values of the U.S. Military Academy. The 2019 recipients were Gen. David A. Bramlett, USMA Class of 1964; retired Col. Victor F. Garcia, USMA Class of 1968; retired Lt. Gen. Robert L. VanAntwerp, USMA Class of 1972; retired Gen. Walter L. Sharp, USMA Class of 1974; and retired Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., USMA Class of 1975.
    Bramlett commissioned in the infantry upon graduation and served on active duty for nearly 35 years. He served two tours in Vietnam and then returned to West Point as a professor in the Department of English and as the Commandant of Cadets. Read More

  • Carter returns as only member of D-Day Class to visit during 75th reunion

    June 6, 1944 is known throughout the world as D-Day, but for the Class of 1944 at the U.S. Military Academy the day holds a second significance. It was the day they graduated from the academy.
    Twenty-one members of the D-Day Class, as they have become known over the years, are still alive. Tuesday, retired Col. Doniphan Carter represented the class on the occasion of its 75th reunion by serving as the wreath layer during the annual ceremony prior to the alumni review parade.
    Carter, who turned 96 in February, was the most senior graduate in attendance at the parade.
    “I’ve waited 75 years for this to happen, but I didn’t know I was going to be the oldest,” Carter, who is the president of the Class of 1944, said of getting to lay the wreath at the Sylvanus Thayer statue. Read More

  • The character of West Point and the heroes amongst us

    The U.S. Military Academy’s Cadet Creed inspires us to “have the courage to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.”
    For those of us entrusted to lead in the crucible of combat, the courage to put one’s life at risk to protect others may be our profession’s most essential virtue. Indeed, the courage to protect others reflects a deep internalization of each of West Point’s five facets of character: moral, social, civic, performance and leadership.
    So, how does West Point develop this courage in our cadets? Kegan’s theory of adult development, one of the foundations of West Point’s Leadership Development System, tells us that if we hope to transform cadets from being self-focused to others-focused, we must set and enforce high standards, make cadets to serve on interdependent teams and provide cadets with selfless role models, namely staff and faculty. Read More

  • Cadet Club activities

    Mixed Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do): The Army Taekwondo team travelled to Burlington, Vermont April 6 to compete in their fifth and final ECTC tournament of the season. The team performed exceptionally well, taking first place overall for the first time in the Division One league, dethroning Cornell who previously held the title for the past five years. Notable mentions go out to the Women’s A2 and C1 teams, as well as Men’s B1 and C1 teams for winning gold medals in their sparring divisions. The Women’s B1 team and Men’s A1 team also did well, earning bronze in their sparring divisions. Additionally, four members medaled in Poomsae: Class of 2019 Cadet Sarah Juhn and Class of 2021 Cadet Richard Sung earning bronze, and Class of 2019 Cadet Abigail Vickery and Class of 2022 Cadet Joshua Havermale earning silver. Read More
  • CADETS SHOW OFF PROJECTS: Projects Day: The pinnacle of the academic year

    With the United States fighting multiple wars throughout the world, it is nearly guaranteed that graduates of the U.S. Military Academy will be deployed into combat zones early on in their Army careers.
    Prior to graduating from the academy and commissioning, cadets are working to make sure they, and their fellow Soldiers, are safer once they get there.
    Cadets presented more than 400 projects May 2 during West Point’s 20th annual Projects Day. The projects came in many shapes and sizes across every academic department at the academy, but the most popular theme throughout was preparing Soldiers for the future.
    Multiple teams worked with drones and the different functionalities of them while others worked with power grids and safer systems for carrying rucksacks into the field to name but a few. Read More

  • Athletes, coaches honored for character during Coach K Awards

    U.S. Military Academy athletes and coaches competing at the corps squad, competitive club and company levels were honored Monday evening with the 13th annual Mike Krzyzewski Teaching Character Through Sport Award.
    One athlete and coach at each level of competition was honored during a banquet Monday and presented with a medal by Krzyzewski, USMA Class of 1969, who played basketball as a cadet and served as the head coach prior to taking his current job at Duke.
    The corps squad awards were presented to Michael Smith, head track and field coach, and Class of 2019 Cadet Dalton MacAfee, who is a co-captain of the hockey team.
    “It means a lot. It is not something you ever think you’ll amount to. To win it is so humbling and I feel lucky,” MacAfee said. Read More

  • Cadet Club activities

    Women’s Team Handball: Women’s Team Handball traveled to University of North Carolina to compete in the 2019 College Team Handball Nationals April 26-29.
    West Point Gold battled mightily against Penn State and an unexpectedly strong UNC team, improving significantly throughout the weekend. West Point Black beat Penn State and UNC in the first round—beating UNC, 24-18, and defeating Penn State, 28-11.
    They then played UNC on Sunday (April 28) in the championship game and beat them 19-14 to gain the title of USATH Collegiate National Champions.
    In addition, Class of 2020 Cadet Joy Orr achieved Academic All-American 2nd Team for her great performance in the classroom. Read More

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