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  • LGBTQ Pride Month: Pride in All Who Serve

    The U.S. Military Academy held its annual LGBTQ Pride Month Observance April 10 at the West Point Club. The observance was part of a monthly series hosted by West Point’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity.
    June is LGBTQ Pride month in honor of the Stonewall Riots that took place on June 28, 1969 in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. The Stonewall Riots were a main impetus to the gay liberation movement. West Point holds the observance in April to fit within the academic year for higher participation numbers.
    The guest speaker was Dr. Sheila Newsom, M.D., USMA Class of 1973 graduate, and the founder and president of Sheila Rising LLC. Prior to Newsom’s talk, a short video explaining the significance of the Stonewall Riots was played. Read More

  • Walking a mile for awareness

    During the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Walk-A-Mile April 10, participants walked by T-shirts (left)  decorated as part of the West Point SHARP Summitt Clothesline Project. The T-shirts represent the expression by victims of their emotions after being sexually assaulted. The project was done to address the issue of sexual violence to both men and women. (Below) Cadets took part in the walk, among the many community members, to show solidarity in helping victims and bringing awareness to end sexual violence in our culture. Read More

  • Cadet Club activities: Company Athletics

    Combat Weapons: The West Point Combat Weapons Team competed in its national level competition, the Sig Sauer Relentless Warrior match, March 30 at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.
    USMA competed against teams from the U.S. Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Virginia Military Institute and Texas A&M.
    The competition consisted of seven stages that tested the competitors’ ability to engage targets at various distances, critical thinking, accuracy, speed and mental endurance.
    The USMA team smashed the competition and placed first overall, with Class of 2019 Cadet Bobby Sobeski placing first and taking home the title of “Top Gun” for the match.
    Additionally placing in the top 10 from USMA were Class of 2019 Cadet Jordan Bailey, fourth place; Class of 2020 Cadet Carlos Pineda, sixth place; Class of 2019 Cadet Preston Wiley, seventh place; Class of 2020 Cadet Samuel Pool, ninth place; and Class of 2020 Cadet Thomas Musgrove, 10th place. Read More

  • Castle Lecture Series allows experts to talk, inspire about computer, IT field

    Marene N. Allison, U.S. Military Academy Class of 1980, addressed the USMA Class of 2022 as the 2019 Castle Lecture Series speaker April 10 at Robinson Auditorium.
    The Castle Lecture Series endowed by the James C. and Dorothy P. Castle Fund brings in leaders in computer science, computer engineering and information technology to share their knowledge and expertise and to inspire the cadets.
    Past Castle Lecture speakers have included Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the internet protocol, and Meg Whitman, former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard.
    Allison is currently the vice president and chief information security officer (CISO) for Johnson & Johnson, and is responsible for protecting the company’s Information Technology systems and data of 265 subsidiary companies in 60-plus countries.
    Allison graduated as part of the first class to include women at West Point, and she was commissioned in the Military Police Corps. Read More

  • ‘Let Us Have Peace’: General, President and Death

    The years after the war were both incredibly uplifting and extremely difficult for Ulysses S. Grant. As the hero and victor of the war he was a national celebrity, loved, adored and honored throughout the land. The pail of grief and tragedy overshadowed the defeat and down fall of the Confederacy during its last days when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865.
    Days earlier, Grant with muddy boots and a dusty uniform sat at a table in Wilbur McClean’s home at Appomattox Station and accepted the unconditional surrender of the proper and prime Gen. Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia—one of several Confederate field armies.
    President Andrew Johnson assumed the office of president and soon presided over one of the worst periods of American history. Read More

  • Emergency Preparedness assessments continue until full-scale event

    In today’s world, violence in locations once thought of as safe places—the workplace, on college campuses, military installations and in houses of worship—are more frequent and unpredictable. Yet, in the midst of such uncertainty and brutality, what you do—or fail to do—ahead of a violent act can mean the difference between walking away or being carried away. The choice and the responsibility are yours. Will you be a responder or a victim? Will you add strength to the community response, or will you be a spectator?
    Since the beginning of April, West Point has been undergoing emergency preparedness assessments that include Random Antiterrorism Measure compliance surveys, a See-Something-Say-Something assessment and tests of the mass warning and notification system.
    This exercise will culminate with a full-scale active shooter response event on April 24. Read More

  • Balloon Satellite Launch: Up, Up and Away

    The West Point Astronomy and Amateur Radio clubs joined forces for their annual balloon satellite launch, April 6. Three faculty members, Lt. Col. Diana Loucks and Dr. Paula Fekete, Officers-in-Charge of the Astronomy club, and Lt. Col. Stephen Hamilton, officer-in-charge for the HAM Radio club, took 13 cadets from across the academic spectrum as well as other HAM operators within the community for an adventure.
    “Last year, we had a great mission as we reached the highest altitude, but so many things and instruments didn’t work,” Loucks explained. “This year, the cadets took last year’s AAR to heart and implemented 90 percent of what they said they would do, and it worked. The cadets came up with a lot of the lessons learned on their own: a self-perpetuating machine.”
    The official launch time was 13:59:00 EDT from Salt Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, and the last official transmission prior to landing was at 17:27:30 EDT on Limeridge Road, Poughquag, NY, for a total flight time of three hours and 28.5 minutes. Read More

  • Company Athletics

    This week in Company Athletics in photos: Grappling.
    Photo by Class of 2021 Cadet Rebekah Cutler Read More

  • HKN-UPE induct newest members

    The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) hosted induction ceremonies for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), the honor society for electrical engineering, and Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), the honor society for computer science and information technology, April 5 in the Black, Gold and Grey Room of the Cadet Mess Hall. Retired Lt. Col. Dale Henderson was the guest speaker for the joint ceremony. Henderson is a West Point graduate and principal research scientist at Amazon, where his focus is strategic supply chain modeling and analysis. Cadets inducted into the honor societies rank in the top third of their Class for 2019 graduates, top quarter of their class for 2020 graduates and the top fifth of their class for 2021 graduates. Read More

  • From the Foxhole: DMI sponsors Spring academic internship to Germany

    The Department of Military Instruction sponsored 10 cadets as they traveled to Germany during their Spring Break. Led by Maj. Emmanuel Sioson and German liaison Sgt. Maj. Stephen Engel, these 10 cadets visited numerous sites that reflected what Germany was, what it is now and what the country will be.
    While many Americans tend to associate Germany for the horrors of World War II, this trip challenged many of these underlying stigmas and provided cadets with a new lens with which to view their ally.
    The purpose of this trip was to provide cadets with a broad survey of Germany’s previous strategic context and historical experience to better understand how such context and experiences shapes the current strategic outlook and worldview of the modern Federal Republic of Germany, its defense policies and its military. Read More

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