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  • R-Day Rehearsal volunteers needed: Come help the Cadet Leadership hone their leadership skills

    Reception Day, or R-Day, is an annual event held at the U.S. Military Academy to receive more than 1,200 incoming cadet candidates to West Point. This process starts Cadet Basic Training and leads the new cadets on a road to becoming members of the Corps of Cadets.
    Each summer, the cadet leadership must rehearse this complex process that transforms mostly 1,200 civilians into new cadets. The Corps of Cadets needs volunteers from the community to help rehearse and go through the process as if they were arriving on R-Day.
    If you are 12 years of age or older and in good health, please sign up and spend a Friday morning at West Point to be part of a storied tradition and help the Corps of Cadets prepare for this historic event. Read More

  • Hold on to your hats … Hurricane season is almost here!

    Hurricane season is fast approaching. With the 2018 season’s Beryl, Chris and Florence still fresh on the minds of many, the question is: What will 2019 bring? Like dark clouds on the distant horizon, forecasters at all the major weather centers—including the Old Farmer’s Almanac—are predicting an above average 2019 Atlantic hurricane season with 13-16 named storms, including five hurricanes, with three of them expected to be major: a Category 3 or higher.
    A typical year, based on weather records that go back to 1950, has 12 tropical storms, of which six are hurricanes.  What will the “big one” be named, Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin or one of the other 16 storm names for 2019?
    Last year, for the season that runs from June 1-Nov. Read More

  • Appreciation of service to the Cadet Mess staff

    Several members of the Cadet Mess Hall staff received recognition of appreciation for their outstanding service to the U.S. Military Academy May 29 at a ceremony in the Cadet Mess Hall.

    A member of the Banquet staff, Richard Ford was recognized by USMA Chief of Staff Col. Mark Bieger for his ability to provide quality meals during big events and on a daily basis to the Corps of Cadets throughout the year.

    A member of the Banquet staff, Elma Geter was recognized by USMA Chief of Staff Col. Mark Bieger for her ability to provide quality meals during big events and on a daily basis to the Corps of Cadets throughout the year. Read More

  • WPMS students earn Speech Contest awards

    On May 28, eight students from the West Point Middle School competed in the school’s fourth annual Speech Contest. This year’s topic asked students in grades 5-8, “How can our words change the world?”
    Two finalists were selected at each grade level who then competed in the school-wide competition. Speeches addressed the importance of our words, the influence of books and the media, and how words have changed the world and continue to do so. Judges represented USMA, the West Point community and the neighboring school district of Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery.
    Eighth grader, Patricia Gibby, was awarded first place for her powerful speech on how books and the media have changed her world and in turn, everyone else’s. Wren Whipple was awarded second place and Isabella Alberici came in third place. Read More

  • Army sweeps Navy, 5-0, in force-on-force competition

    The U.S. Military Academy Squad with Autonomous Teammates–Competition (SWAT-C) capstone team defeated Navy, 5-0, in a force-on-force competition in late April in Quantico, Virginia. Squads were augmented with ground and air vehicles and conducted a series of tactical exercises.
    The multi-disciplinary capstone team consisted of cadets and faculty from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Army Cyber Institute, Department of Military Instruction and the Close Combat Team.
    The three-day exercise alternated between attack and defend scenarios where USMA achieved the victory condition in every iteration. Drones were employed for surveillance missions, ground robots pulled security and cyber attacks were conducted to disrupt Navy operations.
    Many vignettes, such as ground robots being used for rear security in the defense or deauthorization attacks to bring down Navy drones, were drawn from the weekend. Read More

  • CW4 Rutledge retires, 2nd Avn. Det. COC

    “CW4 Mike Rutledge is completing a 29-year career of service to the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in the defense of our great Nation. He has distinguished himself in some of the most challenging and difficult conditions imaginable, in and out of combat. His legacy will be the thousands of Soldiers, Sailors and cadets that he has led, mentored and developed over his career. He is a true leader of character and will be remembered for his professionalism, precision, sense of purpose and passion.”
    —Col. Mark Bieger, U.S. Military Academy chief of staff. Read More

  • Fulbright Scholarship to take Class of 2019 Cadet back home to Hungary

    A path back home was the last thing 2nd Lt. Stephen Gracza, a member of the Class of 2019, expected to find when he arrived at the U.S. Military Academy.
    The son of American missionaries living in Budapest, Hungary, Gracza’s journey to the academy took him across the Atlantic Ocean, through a pitstop in Texas and finally to the banks of Hudson River. Gracza was born in Budapest and grew up in the country, but even though he had never lived in America his plan from a young age was to come stateside for school and to serve.
    “I have always felt the strong sense and urge to protect and defend people,” Gracza said. “Seeing the process of how my parents were able to stay in Hungary, it was through donations and sponsorships from U.S. Read More

  • The Mixon Band of Brothers: The Strength of Three

    The humid and muggy spring air blankets the Mixon brothers as they spend one of their last weeks together at the U.S. Military Academy. They take a quick break from parade rehearsals, cleaning their rooms and preparing for summer training to reminisce on their rare and fortunate situation of having three siblings attending one service academy simultaneously.
    Hunter Mixon, the oldest of the brothers currently attending West Point and soon to be second lieutenant, prepares to drive four years’ worth of belongings to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for Field Artillery Basic Officer Leaders Course.
    “I will miss the people of West Point most,” Hunter said. “It’s a unique community of people where everyone truly looks out for one another, for the most part, and aspires to be great.”
    Hunter commissioned with 985 members of the Class of 2019 on May 25 and was happy to have two of his brothers witness his journey and share his successful commissioning. Read More

  • Solar winners

    Cadets and faculty advisor, Maj. Todd Mainwaring, from the United States Military Academy at West Point were recognized as the first-place winner of the Suburan Single-Family Division during the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2019 Design Challenge, announced April 16. The Solar Decathlon is an international collegiate competition, comprising two challenges—Design Challenge and Build Challenge—through which student teams design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings powered by renewable energy. Read More

  • McConville confirmed as next chief of staff, ‘people’ to be his top priority

    FORT MEADE, Md.—The No. 1 priority for the next Army chief of staff will be people, whom Gen. James C. McConville says are the Army’s greatest strength.
    “Winning requires unit cohesion, a cohesion built on a foundation of trained, disciplined and fit Soldiers who treat each other with dignity and respect,” McConville said, May 2, at his confirmation hearing.
    On May 23, senators agreed and confirmed McConville to be the Army’s top officer, a position he said will allow him to ensure the service remains the most lethal and decisive land force in the world.
    “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the next chief of staff of the Army,” the 1981 U.S. Military Academy graduate said after the announcement. Read More

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