• CyCon U.S. brings cyber experts together

    ARLINGTON, Va.–The Army Cyber Institute at West Point hosted its fourth annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict U.S. in Arlington, Virginia, Nov. 18-20. CyCon U.S. is a fast-paced event that explores the evolving facets of conflict in a globally connected world.
    “There are no shortages of cyber conferences, but what makes CyCon U.S. unique is it is the only DOD conference focused on cyber conflict,” Col. Jeffrey Erickson, Army Cyber Institute chief of staff, said.
    This year’s theme was Defending Forward, which DOD’s 2018 Cyber Strategy identifies as the need for an active preparedness in cyberspace.
    Defending Forward is defined as disrupting or halting malicious cyber activity at its source and degrading the activity before it can reach its intended victim. Read More

  • Cadets experience Branch Night, Thanksgiving abroad in Spain

    Spending a semester abroad brings nothing but good experiences, and Class of 2020 Cadets Peter Kusick and Georgia Cervantes are now in Spain, the U.S.’s only “European Spanish speaker ally.”
    With a six hour time zone difference, they discovered their branches at about 3 a.m. Nov. 14 at the same Exact time their peers received their branches at the U.S. Military Academy in New York. They both FaceTimed close friends in their companies to receive the news, but being the middle of the night and middle of the week, there was no immediate celebration nor photos. Everyone but them was fast asleep. The following day both received many congratulations and excitement from the Spanish friends they have met.
    “One of the only drawbacks about being abroad firsite year is that we do not get to share some of these big days with our friends or celebrate old West Point traditions,” Cervantes said. Read More

  • DFL Spanish hosts Chile’s Ambassador to the U.S. for lecture

    As the U.S. Army continues to prioritize strengthening relationships and being the partner of choice, the U.S. Military Academy’s Department of Foreign Languages remains at the forefront of educating cadets in linguistic, cultural and regional knowledge.
    On Nov. 18, DFL hosted Chile’s Ambassador to the U.S. Alfonso Silva Navarro as the keynote lecturer for the Spanish Program’s Distinguished Lecture Series.
    Accompanying Silva was his delegation comprised of the Chilean Defense Attaché Maj. Gen. Carlos Castillo and the Deputy Chief of Mission Carlos Moran Leon. The Chilean delegation also conducted an office call with the Dean of the Academic Board Brig. Gen. Cindy Jebb as well as gained insight into the West Point’s history and culture.
    Silva’s lecture titled, “Security Challenges in the 21st Century: The New World Order,” broadened cadets’ understanding of challenges in the Western Hemisphere and abroad. Read More

  • History majors help beautify Constitution Island

    History majors from Phi Alpha Theta worked with the caretaker of Constitution Island, Roddy Macleod, to conduct a service project. The cadets volunteered their time on Veterans Day weekend to go to the island and clean up trash and debris following a week of rain and high water. Their work upheld Constitution Island’s century-long status as a beautiful and relaxing place for cadet recreation. These cadets, led by Class of 2021 Cadet Pearce Robertson of Company E-3, also upheld the Phi Alpha Theta tradition of regular community service. Phi Alpha Theta is the Department of History’s honor society. Cadets who join Phi Alpha Theta become part of a community of historians at West Point. These cadets engage in a variety of activities, to include providing cadet leadership on department staff rides, community service and professional development in the discipline of history. Read More

  • DFL trip to Argentina

    Class of 2020 Cadet Gavin Tom, Class of 2021 Cadet Feliz Trevino and Class of 2022 Cadet Amir Udler participate in el Colegio Militar de la Nación 150th Anniversary Ceremony in Argentina as part of their Department of Foreign Languages trip in October. Read More

  • Branch Night elation: Cadets obtain branches through new Army system

    On Nov. 13, 1,089 members of the Class of 2020 at the U.S. Military Academy received their assignments for which branch of the Army they will start their careers in upon graduation.
    The cadets received their assignments during the academy’s annual Branch Night.
    The members of the class were each assigned one of the 17 Army branches, and for many of the cadets it was a night that saw them get exactly what they wanted as 88% of the cadets in the class were placed into their number one branch preference. That represents an 11% increase over last year.
    “I think for the Army, it is a positive for management of talent, and putting the right talent in the right branches at the right time,” Maj. Read More

  • Branch Night elation :Cadets unseal their futures at Branch Night

    The intensity of anticipation and excitement reached its peak Nov. 13 at the U.S. Military Academy when 1,089 Class of 2020 cadets held a sealed envelope with their names inscribed on them during Branch Night. The cadets were deliberately told not to open them until given the command.
    Until then, their hands contained the very future of their military journey just waiting to be revealed. They were about to find out which career field they are assigned to.
    Once the order to open them was executed, the noise of over a thousand paper envelopes being shredded apart was followed by an uproar of triumphant cheers that filled Robinson Auditorium and lasted for minutes.
    “All the hard work we’ve put in has finally paid off. Read More

  • SecArmy speaks to cadets about resilience

    WASHINGTON—Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy told U.S. Military Academy cadets Nov. 8 that resilience will be key to their success in life and that bouncing back will take courage, effort and a positive attitude.
    “We don’t demand perfect leaders, but we do expect perfect effort,” he said to academy seniors, known as first-class cadets or firsties. “Attitude, courage and effort are the only things in our control, but they are also the things that make us successful in life.”
    McCarthy spoke to the cadets just three weeks after a third-year cadet turned up missing, sparking a massive search of the 6,000-acre campus along the Hudson River in New York. The cadet was eventually found dead in the basement of a building with his M4 carbine. Read More

  • Native American culture runs deep within the Corps of Cadets

    First the Raven freed the stars, next he freed the moon and then finally he escaped with the sun placing it in the sky where it has remained ever since.
    The story of the Raven and the light he brought into the world has passed from generation to generation within the Tlingit Tribe of southern Alaska. For U.S. Military Academy Class of 2020 Cadet Sylvan Blankenship, the story of the Raven and how he freed the stars, the moon and the sun also tells the origin story of his people.
    Through his mother, he is a member of the Raven Clan within the Tlingit Tribe. Each summer, Blankenship and his entire extended family would travel from Ketchikan, Alaska where he grew up back to his mother’s home village of Klawock to spend time immersed in the traditional culture of their tribe. Read More

  • Cadet IWG specializes in building foundational combat skills

    In April, the communities around Hyde Park, New York faced an invasion.
    Soldiers could have been found in the woods throughout the area or possibly spotted infiltrating the area via motorboat from the Hudson River. For three days, the Soldiers worked to build alliances with guerilla forces in the area, gain intel on combatants and finally eliminate enemy targets.
    The invasion took months of planning and built upon multiple field training exercises used to hone the military skills needed to operate in a hostile environment.
    While Hyde Park may not seem to meet the definition of a hostile environment and isn’t an area ruled by an opposition force, for the three days of training conducted by the cadets in the U.S. Read More

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